Decision Making Made Easy!


With the New Year, a lot of change and shifting can be happening in our lives and environments. Pendulums can help guide you through the transition and help you decide where to take your next steps of action. Pendulums are such a great Divination tool to use daily or when you feel like getting in touch with your Spirit Guides.

When choosing a Pendulum, choose one that energetically calls to you and feels positive and trusting. You can ask the Pendulum a question… even an honest one such as, “Are you the Pendulum for me?”

Pendulums pick up on vibrational energies that can help manifest answers that are already within your subconscious and within the thought collective. Each Pendulum will respond and react with someone differently. It’s important to ask the Pendulum to be honest with you and that you respect its job.

Pendulums are also helpful to use during magic work, tarot and oracle readings, as well as during healing work.

Happy Dowsing!


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