Angel Aura


Angel Aura is Lemurian Quartz that has been bonded with Platinum & Silver.

This combination allows one to connect with Angels and the Angelic Realm. It is helpful in remembering past incarnations and attuning to one’s spiritual purpose. It is also physically protective.


Angel Aura appeals to the Crown chakra. It is a wonderful stone for serenity and upliftment. This stone brings sunshine to anyone’s rainy day.

New Moon Abound!


Tonight is the New Moon!

The New Moon is a wonderful time to take what you have reflected on since the Last Quarter Moon and to set goals and new beginnings.

Now is the time to enhance and hone in on different areas of our lives such as: love, career, creative endeavors and relationships. It is a wonderful time to be a social butterfly and welcome new people into your life. The fire of Leo brings charging and motivational energy to help set those goals in motion.

Between now and the Full Moon, stabilize your goals and intention so as not to be distracted by the Full Moon energy.

Working on yourself and your self-confidence and support system is ideal. What makes you happy on a daily basis? Monthly basis? Yearly basis? Are your priorities aligned with what makes you happy?

Take advantage of the darkness tonight and look up at the night sky. The stars and planets will be bright and ready to guide you. If you make it outside the city limits, you might even be able to catch a glimpse of the Milky Way. Stargazing is a wonderful way to get inspired and surface your dreams.

Don’t forget to make a good wish on a shooting star if you get lucky enough to spot one!

Spirit Animal Medicine: The Butterfly


Butterfly reminds us to take it easy and lighten up. Sometimes we forget that not everything should be taken so seriously. Relax that furrowed brow and bask in the radiance of the Sun.

When Butterfly hangs around, he is trying to tell you that a big change is on the horizon. A transition will take place where an old habit, way of thinking or lifestyle will morph into a new way of being. It is times to make the changes that you have been considering.

Celebrate life with the beauty of color. Wearing bright colors and exploring color through art, collection of colorful objects, or through cooking is always a great way to recognize the beauty within and around us.

Mystic Quartz


Peruvian Mystic Quartz is a stone of magic and healing wisdom. The phantoms in Mystic Quartz help you to channel and unveil hidden knowledge within the Universe. Use this lovely stone to connect with Mother Earth and to open yourself to what she has to offer.

This stone is great for the Empress in all of us. The power of this stone compliments and brings out our inner-wisdom so that we may truly harness and embrace our true spirit.

Use this stone during divination, during meditation or for Moon Magick rituals. The magical energy within this stone strengthens psychic and intuitive energies.