Stone Healing: Amethyst

Double Terminated Amethyst from Brazil
Double Terminated Amethyst from Brazil

Amethyst is a wonderful foundation stone. By that, I mean that everyone should have one! It’s energy is profound, healing and very purifying. When holding or healing with an Amethyst, a divine connection is instantly strengthened.

Putting Amethyst in your home or in your office is ideal due to its purification and cleansing properties. It is useful in getting rid of past energies.

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Amethyst is also a wonderful meditation companion. It assists in clearing your mind, physical body and spiritual soul. It also accelerates the development of intuitive and psychic abilities. Double Terminated Amethyst is helpful when placed in the middle of a tarot card spread. The points on either end act as an energy facilitator between the reader and the client.

Have a bad habit you just can’t shake? Amethyst is also helpful in breaking bad rituals or habits.

Place Amethyst on your 3rd Eye to assist in astral projection and relaxing your mind and welcoming enlightenment.